Why I Get Shit On By My Own Parents Read Count : 20

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Why do brothers get way with everything when you do something you get bitch at by the parents saying it there house they do whatever they want in this house I just live here because they let me and my man be here if we did have any chose to live we would take in heart beat I don't know what happened to my parents they are mean to me and my man but my brother they hardly get after I don't get it they need wake up and see why I and my man only speed time with each other because they are mean and rude to us  so we just stay in our room way from them all  the time till we have to be around them most of the time I hope they come realize that my brother won't take care of them when they get to that age they can't take of themselves they are fucking up with me and my man fast if they think they are living with us they have another thing coming


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