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Hello beautiful Writers, 

How are you feeling as you find yourself in 'timeout'? 
Are you sitting in fear and doubt, or do you find yourself within love's embrace as your life moves into a whole new dance sequence? 

How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I could just have some time and space to take a breath".
How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I could get off from the treadmill of life's crazy shenanigans and simply relax".

Well, here you are.... life has granted you your wish. 

So what will you do with this time? 

For me, I see an invitation for me to go on a journey and view the scenery along the way. A journey that takes me inward, where the scenery is made up of moments, experiences, conversations and actions from my past. From a place of no judgment; simply as an observer, I look at the scenery and accept all that I view, knowing that I have the opportunity to embrace every part of this journey as a learning, growing experience. I smile at it all as I acknowledge it and come into this present moment. 

The question I ask myself.... "Am I ready now to open and accept a new journey, a new chapter in the life of ZEE?"

The answer is yes. I am ready. 

This unexpected whirlwind that has come to my world, global and personal.... is here for a reason. It is a 'reset' point for me to fly higher than before in my awareness of my 'self' and life. This shift has given me time to change repeating patterns, routines, behaviours, distractions, disconnections, triggers, and stories. 

So dear Writers, over the next weeks/months, allow the beauty within your heart to supersede the chaotic madness of your mind and reconnect with your self. Be the witness of your life up until now, from an impartial perspective (let all self beat-up go).... become the observer of your feelings and your thoughts as you go through this quiet time, and let your words flow in this Outlet. 

My friends, this unexpected situation we are facing with right now can be a blessing in disguise - IF you choose it to be. 

So relax, play some quiet beautiful music, allow the sun to shine upon you, sit on the grass in your backyard or in a comfy corner of your house, breathe, and know you have plenty of time to rediscover the most beautiful person in this world.... yourself. 

And then, show up here in this Outlet and shine like the bright stars that you are. 

Much love, 
Zee Zulu


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  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Mam, Very good motivational advice that you put here but writing is a matter of practice and it is quite difficult to maintain the tempos. Some writers are good to create poetry and others may be prose. It depends on your workshop and workplace where criticism is a criterion to mend your wisdom and skill. I mean debate, discussion, reviews, opinions and interpretations should be done in due course where reading various stories or stuffs cultivates one's thoughts, dreams, diction and style and tone to create various articles and drafts in respect of different genres - fiction, technical writings, science fiction and so on. Lobby or caucus may whip the wit of a creator but writing may be said also arranging the thoughts in words, diagrams, images or carving stones and sculptures so some writers create commendable articles, memoirs, diaries, songs and stories. If you wish to create a story of science means science fiction then you have command on science where you have to soar in fictitious or hypothetical dimensions and capsules or realms. You have to ponder - what you write in High English or Comman English that is a matter of diction to be developed with reading a lot relevant literature. Some writers write diaries and produce them in this platform either expository or motivational but everyone may not be poet and story teller as well as visual teller and critic but literary inspiration and atmosphere in the community of writers may sharpen the styles and skills of some fellow writers.

    May 05, 2020

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