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The Last Survivor

It was a silent night and I suddenly wake up with a tears flowing in my eyes.

I tried to wipe it but its too late.I have a nightmare.

Its a bad dream..

I dream that i am alone in the forest.

As i walk and turn around i have seen a white shadow of a lady,
"My daughter we are sorry"-the ghost said

I've notice that the lady in front of me ,seems familiar to me. 

Wearing my mother dress with a bloody hand and at her back theres a huge wound.

What really happened?

My lips were trembling and my body was shivering badly..
I walk 5 meters and I've seen a haunted house beside our house.

I draw closer with it and i notice a big box.

Its a coffin?

What is inside of it?

A car key,

My dream was too hanging...

After that,my mother wake me up because i cried.
What's wrong with you my daughter?

MOM!!! I have a bad dream.

I told my mother about it .

She muttered the word "We love you".

I don't know why but it seems like my family has a hidden secret towards me.

I also got worried about what really happened to my family.
By the way i'm just the only child that they begot. 

I couldn't remember my past after i wake up with amnesia.

5 months later

I am with my best friend and she wants me to tell her about our family status.

I always told her that my parents are always late every night and they are also very busy because of some hectic schedules in their work but i didn't know what's the thing that makes them busy.

One thing that still pop up in my mind is I'm with my aunt that time when i leave in our place but i don't know what's the reason why we left that time.

Theres also a time that my teacher ask me about what i feel that i am the only one in our house.
Then i told my teacher that i'm not alone,i'm living with my parents .

You still don't remember?-My teacher replied ,

Can you tell me everything?

It must be better if you are the first one who can know the reason behind it.

To be continued


  • nice

    Mar 25, 2020

  • Chloe Tiu

    Chloe Tiu

    Can you make a the last survivor 2

    Mar 25, 2020

  • AHHH so Interesting I wonder what happens next

    Mar 25, 2020

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