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We are in a curfew means the country is in an emergency. In a situation like this , what we can and can’t do are depending on what the rules and regulations say-am not spelling it out here. One sure thing is staying at home and don’t be mistaken isn’t a holiday. At home means you are locked down in the house. Can’t play football at your house corridor or back yard. No visiting,  and no vistors.You disobey means you're breaking the law. Punishable. It also means you’re so stupid, sturborn and selfish.

Any sensible person would agree having witnessed what Wauhan and Italy have experienced. This coronavirus  disease spread must be stopped by all costs or at least deterred by all costs.

Earlier many experts and  doctors alike said coronavirus is passed from one person to another via contact and touch only but as time goes experts said again that coronavirus can spread or transmitted via airborne because of that   you must wear face-mouth mask and keep the distance when at place where there are people, at least one meter apart. I still see people queing at shopping malls behaving like normal times especially at the cashiers’ area. Very sad even the cashiers don't look safe enough for not wearing hand gloves or that one meter distance not followed.

Maybe Indian police’s method is needed in Malaysia? Rotan  bashing?

Have they found the vaccine to combat this killer disease? Claims that  China, Israel, USA and several more countries found the vaccine; to be honest none of the claims are 100 %  correct nor authentic. I would take it NONE even if they found it would still be a few months until the medicines are  available for ordinary consumers around the globe~amdesidik


  • I'm guessing you're a fellow Malaysian? I agree that there are folks who are still being irresponsible by taking this lightly. Until shit happens to them directly, they will not grasp the seriousness of this crisis. It's sad but that's the way life is. Anyway, I pray you and your family are safe and well and out of harm's way. Take care and stay safe.

    Mar 25, 2020

  • Nothing but the truth in here

    Mar 25, 2020

  • AmDe Sidik

    AmDe Sidik

    hi Zee I'm. Sorry late response. I'm new with this app I messed it up. I kept on hopping from one app to another still couldn't find one that really friendly to me, perhaps I'm too naive. Anyway, wonder what next with trouble we face with C19..I'm from Sabah watching very closely ..Take care

    Apr 03, 2020

  • Martin Munialo

    Martin Munialo

    Very true indeed, fun enough there are some don't believe the existence of this pandemic, wore to them.

    Apr 16, 2020

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