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Hello, Gold from D-8 Entertainment here. As you may know, here at D-8 Entertainment, we have produced many stories for the people of the Writer's Outlet community. Today, we decided that we should look back at our past and see how well we did. But, of course, I have to talk about one thing. Yes, we've been outranked. If you look at our books, you may notice that the majority were produced in 2018, with only one being produced in 2019. It seems that this account's popularity stuck with 2018, as no one really cared about us after November 4th, 2018. Of course, we produced stories after that date, but they are all but deleted. Gone from the app. What could have made us fall from grace? Well, I have some answers. We could just have lost our touch. Kaiju stories became less popular as time went on, and so did we, it seems like. We can now barely get our stories off the ground, it seems like. After 2018, it was failure after failure after failure on this app. Note I said 'on this app'. We'll get there eventually. Now, let's get into the real meat of this post, the statistics. Our first story, The Earth Kaiju, has 117 views as of March 24th, 2020. This is our most popular story on this app. Suprising, considering that the sequel, The Earth Kaiju: Apocalypse, only got 18 views. I was surprised to know that, and the unfinished third one got 36 views? Is the second one that bad? It adds the most lore to the series! Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked. Our next story was also our next success, that being Jurassic World: Cinco Muertes, which got 81 views. Our next story was also a success, that being GOJIRA, with 76 views. Our next story surprised me, because it is the opposite of the The Earth Kaiju Saga, even if it's in the same genre. That being GOJIRA II: RISE OF MECHAGODZILLA, with 93 views? It made more than the first one? Well, I guess having MechaGodzilla on the title sure drew some attention. The next one was another semi-flop, to say the least. It isn't finished, so I guess it makes sense, that being The Multiverse, with 42 views. Our next semi-flop was The Golden Galaxy, with 14 views. Sure, it made less than The Earth Kaiju 2, but let's take this into perspective. We divide 18 by 10, which gives us 1.8 views per chapter. Let's round that to two. Now, let's divide 14 by 2, which gives us 7 views per chapter. The Golden Galaxy is technically bigger, logistically. Same thing with another story, but we'll get there. Our next success was The Tales of the Mothman, with 79 views. This was our story after The Golden Galaxy. This is also not finished. Our next story was a huge success, our second biggest, in fact. Spider-Man 1 got 110 views. We have two successes back to back, with BATMAN: The Dark Knight coming in with 104 views! This probably has to do with them being Spider-Man and Batman stories, also because they are the biggest heroes of both Marvel and DC respectively. The next story was a downfall with SUPERMAN: Man of Steel, which only has 14 views. Same thing with Golden Galaxy, it's still, logistically, a bigger success than Apocalypse. That's it for books in 2018, but we're not done yet! We still have those mini-stories! The Death of the King comes in with 29 views, Mothra: Goddess of Earth with 36 views, Pokémon: Team Rocket with 16 views, THE UPGRADES: An AtomicVerse Story with 28 views, BIRTH OF THE SPIDER with 18 views, GAMERA VS GHIDORAH with 32 views, and DAREDEVIL: Origins with 17 views. This brings 2018 to a grand total of 940 views! Let's see what 2019 has in store for us! Okay, so MOSURA has 15 views and is the only story published in 2019 on this app, meaning that 2019 made 15 views. Ah, but fret not, as we have made many more stories that will be available soon on Amino and Reddit! After our Writer's Outlet success, we decided to move onto different apps, starting with Amino, then Wattpad, and finally Reddit. We have scrapped all plans for Wattpad stories, so don't bother there. The links to our Amino, Subreddit, and Discord server will be posted right now! We hope to see you anywhere on these apps! Gold, signing out. Take care, and may Writer's Outlet live on, whether it be in our heart and memories or on our cellular devices!

Amino: http://aminoapps.com/invite/GCPJM7R3RX 

Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/d8entertainment?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Discord server: https://discord.gg/crjZuqP


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    The Monster Writer (Gold)

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