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When you look at me
What do you see?
Just some broken girl trying to escape reality
Or do you see some unknown strength that came from life's brutality
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Is it the pain, do you see them beg and plead
Or do you see something more... Do you see the things that I could be?
I'm lost in this war as it brings me to my knees.
You stand there and watch me drown as I fight to be free
But all these chains keep pulling me back under making it hard to breathe!

How much more can I take?
Do I have it in me to make an escape?
Or am I just a lost cause destined for a terrible fate
It seems that no matter how much I fight I am bound by the hate
And it weighs me down dragging me to the bottom of this lake
Leaving me to drown in my own heartache
But I will keep fighting because I've got a lot at stake
I will fight until there is nothing left of me to break

See that's the thing about pain
Sometimes it gives you an incredible strength
An ability to fight through the rain
 pushing you to reach your greatest lengths
But sometimes it'll push you so hard you'll go insane
See it's all just a mental game
And your ability to make it depends on your brain
So when you fail where do you choose to place your blame
When you have that day in mental court who will they arraign
When they pick the hero will they say your name?
Will you be the one to have pulled yourself out of the flame?
Or will it be your picture in a most wanted frame
For the first degree murder of yourself what plea will you claim?
Amidst all the chaos, no matter what happens, you will never be the same.


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