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I'm struggling today...
I just don't understand this place
You killed somebody, their life is gone
Faded away into Oblivion
Hurt takes over, our minds start to race
It's the last time we will ever see their face
And yet here you are sitting in a prison cell
Your life gets to go on and honestly this place isn't at all like hell
You get 3 meals a day and play video games
While you left their family crying in pain
You get to call and write to your family still
While you left their family broken down and trying to heal
Do you even regret what you did
Like do you have to fight demons inside your head
Or is it just another day in the life
Do you even care that he had kids and a wife
You're laughing and happy, making friends every day
And the people you love are only a phone call away
This isn't even punishment for you
Don't try to tell me that you're paying your dues


  • Mar 25, 2020

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