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Civilization is bracing for a situation they're facing. This ceaseless disease has impacted  billions of men, women and children - in every nation, city and town under the sun, one by one. It's whirling through the atmosphere without a sound, circling around the hemispheres. The unforseen with no vaccine comes swarming in without a warning - silently ready to sicken their victim internally. 

The only remedy to fight this enemy is to get inside and stay away from everything! Do your best in this midst of distress until this infested mess comes to rest. Take advantage of this break from reality to spend quality time with loved ones and family and find ways to entertain your brain to refrain yourself from going insane. The ideal place to be is destination isolation, it's a safe location from the population, the only vacation you'll be taking and you won't need an invitation. 


  • Mar 24, 2020

  • Mar 25, 2020

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