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Do u sometimes feel alone yet u have someone beside u?like us if everyone is against u?Like us if the world wants to swallow u up?well do not get discouraged.All this things that are happening to u are meant to be for your own benefit,be it or bad:its all part of your life.Take an example with the road:it is very long but it stills has bumps.In reality,the bumps on the road are an example of the problems we have in life.No matter how many bumps are on the road,there is still an end to them.No matter how big the bumps are they still come to an end!Thats how life is,full of problems but still there is no problem that has got no solution.Life is not all about having smooth paths and getting all we wish to have;its a matter of striving hard in order to get them,a matter of sacrifice and self denial.ITS ALL ABOUT BEING PATIENT.                                           BY:Triple m Martha.U can follow me to get more of my writing.If u liked this writing plzzzz comment.Thank u.


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