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I mourn and pray with the hope of you going away forever. My brain won't shut off its like a treadmill , speed limit set to 10. You suffocate me with your comfortableness. You hug me and you hold me tight, you sneak up on in the night your touch is so cold bald up crying wishing I had more in life... The problem is I already have everything I need the thought of me "failing" in life is what you seek. I isolate myself and shut out the people who probably love me the most. But It's all because of you. You fight with me over my own emotions , your touch is my insulin. You make me feel like I need you and no one else , I walk in the shadows of your firewall to keep to myself. I do everything alone, some how you won't let me breathe alone let alone sleep alone. I can't breathe... screaming to the top of my lungs yet no one can hear me but you. Depression , you drain me. You take away my energy and my mentality. You force me to breathe the air that you breathe eat the food that you eat , sleep on the nights that you sleep... Oh Depression!


  • Linda Schoene

    Linda Schoene

    i think im in love with this book

    Mar 24, 2020

  • Mar 25, 2020

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