Promise Me You'll Stay Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : LoveSong
[Verse 1] 
I've been doing some thinking, 'bout my life. Is it really a good thing, that I'm alive. 
We don't all live forever, but that's alright. 
As long as I got you, everything's fine. 
[Verse 2]
You're keeping me here, now it's All clear~
I can't live without ya, but for now I'll stay here.
[Verse 3] 
As long as you're with me- everything's perfect!~
And you've stayed with me lately, so I guess I'm stayin'.
[Verse 4] 
I'm stayin' I'm stayin' with you. 
'Cause that's all that I wanna do, oh yeah~
Ya know I can't live without you, so promise me that you'll stay too.
[Verse 5]
Promise me, promise me!~
Promise me that you'll stay too.
Stay with me, stay with me!~
Cuz I can't live without you. 
Yeah I can't live without you.
Yeah I can't live without you!~
I can't live without you..~


  • Mar 23, 2020

  • it's nice

    Mar 24, 2020

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