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Help me understand this thing you call life. Why is it so easy to hold in hurt? I mean , you go your whole life trying to figure out the basics and lay the statistics out on the table to try and never become one of them. some how the world throw you in that category anyway only to say they did more than we ever could, which is no way true at all. Help me understand how its so easy to tell someone you love them and never actually really mean it? my roots have grown in too deep I'm stuck in the sin city of trying to survive the hood. Who are you to judge? society holds you close, makes you feel like you do everything so right but yet everything is so wrong... How is it that you trust the world with your life and it gives you nothing in return? You live to survive , you survive to win and you win to say you've never lost! Being you is the most amazing thing you could ever do... Who are you world to judge me for being me? Who are you world to try and throw me in the fire? Who are you? I gave you my all , my blood sweat and tears to survive and hold my own with YOU and this thing called LIFE. HOW COULD YOU? I gave you everything you gave me pain, emptiness, agony .


  • Mar 23, 2020

  • Mar 23, 2020

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