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   Some days, we all feel like hopping in the hole and pulling it inside like some silly cartoon. We want to escape from the reality around us or push the responsibility on someone else while we free ourselves from the burdens of our everyday lives. This is not uncommon, but always makes me ambitious or active people uncomfortable. I am not above wanting to sit about on occasions to put things together or until we find with a game or even playing with the cat if she's feisty enough. We all look for escapes, some people even use writing as a way to help ease their burdens. What are you looking for though? Are you looking to free yourselves from your own burden, or hoping someone will notice and take you in your arms? I write because I love to craft and create, try new things from time to time. What are your reasons, food for thought? Is it just an escape, or do you love to create?


  • Mar 23, 2020

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