Let Your Steps Lead Me Read Count : 11

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Let your steps lead me to the exit.
  Keep my air in your lungs,
Until our last breath.

Undress your soul
In front of my eyes, my darling.
The rest will see a shadow of a body,
Dancing in a broken mirror.

  Lead me to the darkest fears
And let me crush them,
To reach all the cells where many
Have lost their courage to overcross.

Let me be the light of your eyes
When they lose their color,
Let me be their radiance
When you walk through my darkness.

You will be my poem
That will reborn after each kiss
Written with chocolate by the other lip.

You will be my waltz
That I will dance with honor,
In front of your parents
Who will offer me their treasure. 

Let me bring you happiness on your face
And dance with you to the end of our lives. 
Let me put flowers in your beautiful hair,
Let me wake up with your hand on my head.


  • Mar 23, 2020

  • very much cool!

    Mar 23, 2020

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