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It rains outside, 
it rains over me.  
I count the ambulances 
That rush to the hospital.  

Are we experiencing hard times, 
In whose hands is our freedom now? 
 Someone, to wake me up,
 If It's just a nightmare.

The virus keeps us away from each other, 
We fight with empty hands. 
 To protect ourselves, 
We must protect the others first.  

It's sunny outside,
 But it's still raining in my heart. 
 People die and I know that one day,
It will be my turn to leave my life. 
 I wish I could live long enough by then. 
To make all my dreams comes true. 

Snows outside over flowering trees, 
Yesterday were twenty degrees, 
Today are only six. 
The weather is not as it was before.
So many changes until we change.  
Outside the wind blows, 
Mixing our empty thoughts.  
The house keeps warm, 
But we miss walking down through grass.


  • Mar 22, 2020

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