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The story starts with me playing uno with my family, when I heard my watch started beeping, then my little cousin turns on the TV.

So, I took this opportunity to turn to my new favorite anime: Yu gi oh!

I went to yugioh! Season 5.

"Kanisha, your watch is glowing brighter", said Delvon.

"Uh oh! Oh well, I'll be back", I said, as I disappeared.

"Wait, can we come?" asked D'aysia.

But, I disappeared, before I could answer.

"Well, we'll have to wait for her answer", said Jeremy.

Soon, I entered a portal, and before I knew it I landed in a forest, where I saw I was on a tree branch.

In this universe, my hair is long and straight, I'm wearing a red dress with blue leggings and white shoes.

"I'm in the first episode", I smiled.

Then, ten seconds passed, which is when I realized.

"I'm in Yu gi oh! Which means I could ruin my new favorite anime. Ok, no problem I just have to stay away from Yugi, so I don't cause any problem", I panicked.

But, as I had come up with a solution, I heard Yugi's voice.

So, I closed my mouth, not wanting to get Yugi's voice.

"It's nice and quiet", said Yugi, looking at the beautiful scenery.

"Yes, it is", said the Pharaoh.

'I can hear the Pharaoh, this is awesome', I thought.

At this time, I heard the tree branch crack.

'Uh oh!' I thought.

The tree branch made me land on Yugi, right when that happened Tea, Rebecca, Joey, and Triston appear.

"Who is she?" asked Triston.

"And why is she on my Yugi?" asked Rebecca, then she separates me from Yugi.

So, I got up, realizing what happened then I blushed from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, Yugi, I fell on you", I said, feeling embarrassed.

"It's okay, I'm fine", said Yugi, with a smile.

'He's so cute', I thought, with a small smile.

"So, who are you?" asked Rebecca.

"I'm Kanisha Walker, it's good to meet all of you", I said.

'Except, I didn't mean to bump into any of you', I thought.

"Well, I should go", I said, about to leave.

"Wait! Why were you here alone?" asked Yugi.

"Yeah, were you trying to spy on Yugi?" asked Rebecca.

"Rebecca, I'm sure that isn't it", said Tea.

I turned to then, and says "It was merely a coincidence that I fell on Yugi, you see I was looking at the beauty of the forest through a tree, like a bird. Except I fell, which I didn't plan".

"Can I leave?" I asked them.

So, they didn't respond, which made me think that meant yes, so I started walking away, then I realized my watch is gone.

I walked back to the tree, started climbing up it.

"Wait, I wouldn't climb up there with that outfit", Tea warns me.

"I'll be fine", I insisted.

But, I didn't find my watch on the top of the tree.

After I sighed, my stomach began to growl, which made me laugh nervously.

"We were about to eat, you want to join us?" asked Yugi.

"You sure,you don't mind?" I asked.

"Of course not", said Tea.

Then, we gathered together to eat.

"Well, somebody was hungry", said Triston.

"She's like Joey", said Tea, watching me eat fast.

"There's something odd about her", said the Pharaoh, looking at my aura.

"What do you mean?" asked Yugi.

"She seems to hold something powerful, a power I can't identify", said the Pharaoh.

"Could she be an enemy?" asked Yugi.

"I can't tell", said the Pharaoh. "Just watch out".

"Okay", said Yugi.

Later, we went back into the forest.

I stretched my arms, and says "Well, thanks for the meal, I appreciate it, so see ya".

"Wait, I have a question", said Yugi.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

As I asked that, the millennium puzzle glowed putting the Pharaoh in charge of Yugi's body.

"Pharaoh!" I gasped, then closes my mouth with both hands.

'I said, that without thinking', I thought.

"How do you know about me? And why do I sense a strange aura around you?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Well, I had a magical item on me, but it disappeared, so that's why I was in the middle of the forest. You see my item sends me to whatever place I choose for fun", I explained.

"So, you came here for fun?" asked Tea.

"Yeah, I wasn't trying to cause and trouble, that's why I was trying to leave", I said.

"Aren't you worried the item fell in the wrong hands?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Uh oh!" I realized the Pharaoh is right, he asked me "Do you have any idea where the item could be?"

"Not a clue, sometimes my item disappears, sometimes to test to me or if trouble comes,  which means I'm doomed", I said, then I sat on the grass near the lake.

"Maybe we can help you", suggested Tea.

"Why help me? I'm a stranger, besides I wouldn't...Want..to", I said, as my eyes became blurry.

"Kanisha, are you okay?" asked Joey.

"I...I…" I fainted,  so Triston catched me.

"Kanisha, are you alright? Kanisha!" called the Pharaoh.

"She's not talking", said Tea.

A moment, I woke up in a dark dimension.

"Uh oh! This is bad", I said, realizing that I was somewhere bad.

"Kanisha Walker! I must thank you", said the evil spirit in the millennium ring.

I saw the evil Bakura with my watch.

"How did you get that?" I asked.

"This gift was presented to me, but there is a key to unlock it to which I need help from you", said evil Bakura.

"Me? There's no way, I'll help you", I said.

"As if you have a choice, you're in my realm", said evil Bakura.

The darkness slowly started to weaken my body, I said " I won't tell you, besides it wouldn't work for you anyway".

"You think so", said evil Bakura.

Evil Bakura mixes power with my watch, which makes a strong amount of pain enter my body.

I fell into the shadows.

"Seems I didn't need you after all, now I can crush the Pharaoh and gather the other millennium items", announced evil Bakura.

"No!" I yelled, trying to stop him, but he disappeared.

Back with Yugi and the others.

"Her heart rate is fine, but her brain waves are out of control", said one of Kaiba's Doctors.

"Oh no!" gasped Tea.

"You know, this is similar to what happened to Joey", said Triston.

"True, but the evil spirit of the millennium ring wasn't near here", said the Pharaoh.

"Maybe it could still be a possibility", said Dice.

"But, why her?" asked Rebecca.

"Probably because of her magical item", said the Pharaoh.

"I don't like this", said Yugi. "If that item is powerful, who knows what could happen".

"I agree", said the Pharaoh.

The millennium puzzle glows.

"What's going on?" asked the Pharaoh.

"The power of the millennium puzzle belongs to me now", said evil Bakura.

Then, my spirit existed out of my body, I touched the puzzle before it completely disappeared.

"I'm awake, Pharaoh, are you...okay?" I said.

Before my eyes, I saw two Yugi's standing in front of me.

"What?!" gasped everybody.

"Yugi, is that you?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Yeah, what's going on?" asked Yugi.

"Am I going crazy?" asked Joey.

"Not unless you see two Yugi's", said Triston.

"Then, I'm going crazy because I see them too", said Dice.

 "It's not that you are crazy, my power accidentally split Yugi and the Pharaoh", I admitted.

"Kanisha, you're awake!" Tea smiled.

"Yeah, but I have bad news", I said.

Two minutes later passed,and I explained what happened between evil Bakura and me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen", I said, while my hand is disappearing.

"Kanisha, your hand!" gasped Tea.

I saw my hand slowly disappearing, and screamed.

"Kanisha!" called the Pharaoh and Yugi.

They grab my hand before I completely disappeared.

Then, we disagreed.

We landed in a pyramid.

"This is crazy", I said.

"Why?" asked Yugi.

"We're in Egypt", said the Pharaoh.

"You appeared after all", said evil Bakura's voice. "And it seems you have split".

Then, the evil Bakura appears.

"Interesting", said evil Bakura.

"Hand me my watch, the power you hold doesn't belong to you", I said.

"Fools, it's this watch that I will use to open the gate to my new world", said evil Bakura.

My watch started glowing, which opens a portal that sucks me, Yugi, and the Pharaoh.

I woke up in a empty room.

"Yugi! Pharaoh!" I called.

But, they were nowhere to be found.

"You won't find them", said Evil Bakura's voice.

"Where did you take them?" I asked.

"You'll find out, but first you might want to see something over there", said evil Bakura.

I saw the millennium puzzle in pieces.

"It can't be", I said.

"You're in my universe, Here you have no power here, and nobody can help here", said the evil Bakura.

"I don't understand, I thought you would want to get rid of the pharaoh, why trap me?" I admitted.

"You misunderstand, I have trapped all of you, but since I can still sense  power from you, you are going to be a subject to my power; and now", replied Evil Bakura.

Evil Bakura summons two giant hands that takes me through the wall.

"Yugi! Pharaoh! Anybody! Help!" I called.

Yugi in a dark room hears me.

"Kanisha, are you okay? Where are you?" asked Yugi, looking around.

"Slowly, the dark will devour you, and this time, you won't escape", said evil Bakura, as I disappear.

"Kanisha! Yugi! Where are you?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Pharaoh, you must defeat the evil spirit and get my watch back", I said.

"But, what about you?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Forget about me", I said, then I got devoured by the darkness.

"Kanisha!" called the Pharaoh.

"I'm afraid your friend is gone", said evil Bakura.

"What have you done?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Don't worry, Pharaoh, you will join her soon", said evil Bakura. "But, first, I'll deal with your friend Yugi".

"Leave him be!" called the Pharaoh.

"Pharaoh, you are in no position to make demands, besides you knew nothing about that girl, so why do you care about her?" asked evil Bakura.

"Because I sense she is a good person", said the Pharaoh.

"Then, I'll give you a chance to save her", said evil Bakura.

A bright glow takes the Pharaoh away.

The Pharaoh is sent into a room full of TV, books, and a big watch in the middle of the room.

"Where am I?" asked the Pharaoh.

At that moment, I walked in the place with two ponytails, wearing a white dress, no shoes, looking a child.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Kanisha! Don't you recognize me?" asked the Pharaoh.

"I'm sorry, mister, should I know you?" I asked.

'Something is different about Kanisha, she seems more innocent', thought the Pharaoh.

"Mister, are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine, question, where are we?" answered the Pharaoh.

"My home", I said.

'Of course, this place must be Kanisha's mind, but why would he send me here?' Thought the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh notices a purple door on the other side of the dark side of the room.

"That must be Kanisha's dark side", said the Pharaoh.

"You know her too? She's scary, I wouldn't go in there before", I warned him.

"Did you ever try to go in there before?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Yes, and it was terrible, a creature made of darkness, she was scary and she wants me", I told the Pharaoh, while shivering.

"What about that watch?" asked the Pharaoh.

"It's protected, so I can't even touch it", I said.

In a empty room, Yugi is running through the dark hallway, and he finds something glowing, then disappears.

Back in Kanisha's mind.

"It seems that darkness must be where the regular Kanisha is, but in order to save her, I must get past the creature', thought the Pharaoh.

Knowing this, the Pharaoh heads to the door.

"But, I won't make it that easy", said evil Bakura.

At that moment, a bunch of needles pop out of the ground, so I moved the Pharaoh out of the way, so he didn't get hurt.

But, I got stabbed in the back, and fell, as I fell a bright light appears, and somebody caught me.

That person is Yugi.

"Yugi! How do you get here?" asked the Pharaoh.

"I'm not really sure", said Yugi.

"Kanisha, are you okay?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Mister, why do you care about me?" I asked, as the Pharaoh puts me on his back.

"Because we are friends, and I...we need your help", said the Pharaoh, as we enter the sark room.

'Friends? I haven't had any friends here', I thought.

The door to the room closed, that's when a bunch of shadow hands try to take me, but the Pharaoh and Yugi makes sure that they don't touch me.

"Give her to me", said an ominous voice.

As the hands try to get close, something in Yugi's hand glows, which makes the hand disappear.

'Their hearts are so warm, he really cares', I could sense.

'There must be another way to get past that darkness', thought the Pharaoh.

Yugi walks through the darkness with a ball of light surrounding him, which makes the darkness retreat.

"Careful, Yugi", said the Pharaoh, then he noticed symbols on the wall.

"From the innocence comes light, from the darkness comes fear, the light will reveal, bring the light to the dark", the Pharaoh read.

"That might mean that Kanisha is supposed to stop the darkness", said Yugi, but then the darkness takes him.

"Yugi!" yelled the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh tries to get Yugi back, then calls to me, "Kanisha! You have to wake up, you're the only one that can stop the darkness, please get Yugi".

'Their in trouble, I must help', I thought.

"Don't bother, he's gone", said the dark voice.

"No. Let him go", I said, then I grew white wings and attacks the darkness.

I caught Yugi and the Pharaoh and put them down safely.

I flew towards the darkness heading to the source, and released a huge amount of light energy, which traps the darkness and it mixes with the light.

Together, this power destroyed the darkness in the room, and we ended up in the giant watch.

"Kanisha!" called the Pharaoh and Yugi.

I landed on the ground with my hair long and straight, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

"Pharaoh! Yugi!" I hugged them. "Thank you".

"Your back?" asked Yugi.

"My soul isn't complete, we must get to the watch", I said.

"I thought so", said The Pharaoh.

"Let's go", said Yugi.

We phased through the force field and went through the door.

Past the door, it was empty.

"Weird, I expected some type of guard, monsters, or anything", I said.

Yugi nodded.

"I wouldn't say there isn't", said the Pharaoh, as a bunch of magical blasta come twards us.

I protect the Pharaoh and Yugi, and says "I'll need both your help, take my hand".

The Pharaoh and Yugi take my hand, which freezes the blasts, and transported us to the center of the watch.

A cloud of darkness attacks me causing me great pain.

"Kanisha!" called the Pharaoh and Yugi.

"Don't come closer, i have to handle this myself", I said.

I made the darkness back off and heads to the middle.

The darkness came back trying to take me again, my body started to feel cold, but my heart felt warm; and the warmness became a glowing key, the key grew.

The darkness tried to take the key, but it was too powerful, and it disappeared.

Once the darkness disappeared, the power in my key combined with the watch, then enters me.

The giant watch evaporates, I took the Pharaoh and Yugi, and opened a portal.

A door opened, which lead back to Egypt.

"Impossible, why does the watch not obey?" complained evil Bakura.

I flew to evil Bakura, taps his head, making the evil spirit disappear, and Bakura faints in my arms.

I took my watch, it made a magic circle that put the Pharaoh and Yugi back together.

"We're back", said yugi.

"Seems so", said the Pharaoh to Yugi in his head.

I hugged Yugi and says "Thanks goodness".

The watch takes us back to the hospital, reversing time.

So, I was in a hospital bed.

I looked at my hands, and saw I was okay, then I saw everybody smiling.

"I'm sorry, did I scare you all?" I asked.

"It's okay, it's good you're awake", said Professor Hawkins.

"So, what happened?" asked Tea.

"Well, that's a long story, right Yugi?" I said.

"Right", answered Yugi.

"Huh?" asked everybody.

Later, we went back to the forest.

"I guess you're leaving", said Yugi.

"I caused you enough trouble", I said.

"Nonsense, you are a great guest", said Professor Hawkins.

"Besides we are friends", said Tea.

"And friends don't leave each other behind", said Joey.

"So, can you stay for one more day?" asked Triston.

I smiled, and says "Sure, why not?"

Everybody cheered, then we talked all night.


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