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Donna Wright Ruttenbur, maiden name is Martin Donna's Birthday and birthplace is, March 4,1982 born in Ogden Utah, raised in Rosepark Salt Lake City Utah. Donna is a self taught poetry writer since roughly the age of eleven or twelve years old, she became a writer which all started back when Donna was a young troubled adolescent whom was going through therapy but, Donna had felt like the therapists were only after the money and not in trying to help Donna to cope with her abouse, neglect and or abandonment issues that she was or had been experiencing back at home. The story behind Donna's title "Donna's Guide To Surviving A Brutal Life" had been inspired by two people including Donna who were all hangingout one summer day when Donna happened to ask her now ex-boyfriend Timothy Sprau and who Donna likes to call her Bazin mom Sanela what would be a perfect title would be for her book and both Tim and Sanela had came up with the title "Donna's Guide To Surviving A Brutal Life" since Donna's book is basically a autobiography of some of Donna's own life experiences in which she has written in hopes to help others just like herself that might be going or have been going through some of the same situations that she has written about in her book titled "Donna's Guide To Surviving A Brutal Life." Donna's boyfriend Travis Martin has also been a real inspiration to alot of Donna's writings by being her proof reader to make sure that there are no mistakes in the way Donna may have written something or he may have a better idea on how to word something then the way Donna has it written.


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