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You left me alone like those before you.
 Maybe you loved me, 
Maybe you couldn't. 

 Alone, again alone.  
In my lonely bed, 
With a cold drink in the both of hands. 

 I turn on the radio, 
Listening your favorite song.
  I can't lie, I'm missing you. 

 But you chose to leave,
 Like everyone before.  
And I was left with thousands of questions
 Burning my head.

  I would like to write you one last message, 
But you have already added my number 
To your blacklist.

  Did your heart gave me love,
 When you said to me:" I love you!"
  Alone again, for you, another ex-lover.

  Friends call me, 
But I want to be left alone. 
 Now that you are gone, 
Welcome, my loneliness.  

Maybe you loved me, 
Maybe you didn't.  
Maybe you tried, 
But you couldn't.


  • Mar 22, 2020

  • Jesse Boston

    Jesse Boston


    Mar 22, 2020

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