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There's a cold dark voice in the back of my mind, it won't shut up and it always says things like I'm coming for you.

As I lie in the fetal position, shaking, goosebumps crawl over my body. My eyes are closed and im hoping and wishing. That I had my best friend to talk to just for a minute.

Maybe one day this voice will tell the truth. And all my worries will disappear. Just like you. Then I wouldn't have to sit here shivering in fear. Without my best friend whispering in my ear.

The voice keeps talking running its mouth. Talking so loud, about how its all going to end. All I can do is lie here in fear, more goosebumps form all these tears.

As the voice gets louder, I can feel myself giving in. My head starts to burn. Along with my skin. Maybe I should just lie here  and see what it wants. 


  • Mar 21, 2020

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