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okay world here we go it all started January 6th 2019 when I built a personal relationship with Christ through Fellowship when I began to be able to hear his voice as if I were having a conversation with him is it amazing February 12th I said a prayer I said father show me the purpose you have for my life not my life Journey but my purpose this prayer was about 7:45 in the morning right before count time I was in pod 14 and for some reason I never did fall asleep after count time like I normally would for some reason I stayed up all day back into the night right before lockdown I grew strongly tired and I feel into a deep sleep and that's when Christ son of God came to me with his hand out and he said come and see let me show you so I went with him and it seems like we walked for a little while not saying much of nothing and suddenly we came to a stop at the foot side of a great Mountain and he looked at me and say come and see so we walked again and it seem like in no time we were at the top and from the top of this mountain you can see all the nations of the world and it was beautiful as is the glory of God and Christ turn to me and said one day all of these nations of this world we'll be at War with one another and then we turn to the left and you could see hundreds of thousands of people Gathering and that was just 1 that shine ever so brightly and he said that is a mighty angel of war and I asked why does he shine so brightly he said to me that is a angel of war who has a mighty amount of will power that angel of war many will follow mini of my father's children have been wondering lost in darkness trying to find a way through the light of that Mighty angel they will be able to see and find their way through this Mighty angel many will follow and make it home to my father and then he shows me his hand and in his hands is an abundance of the most precious jewels I have ever seen he said to me there is a crown that awaits that angel in heaven upon arrival with my father's children these Jewels will be placed up on that crown as a reward and then I asked who is this angel and that's when he turns and looks at me and says this Mighty angel of war is you through you many will follow it's the wheelpower that's inside you that shine so brightly and that we will is your weapon of War no one in battle will strike you as you gather my father's children and I was astonished on what I just saw and then I awoke from my dream in tears thank you Father for your blessings amen.....?


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