What Life Tolt Me Read Count : 9

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
What I am writing about tonight is 41 lessons I've learned in life what we will do one time as people we will do it twice it's always those you love the most that will hurt you the most school does not teach you anything about life sooner or later everything you love you lose the heart will always make you look like a fool the grass is never greener on the other side there are so many fake guides in this world be careful who you trust you really should listen to your parents they actually do know what they are talkin about don't ever settle for what you are doing do what you believe in just because someone says something doesn't mean it is true never judge anyone you've never walked in their shoes you can love someone with all you have does not mean they will match your love never make anyone a priority in your life when you are only an option in there's sometimes dreams do come true emotions are only temporary Time Heals pain you never stop loving someone learn to deal with your ego it keeps you away from all negativity there are always two sides to every story loyalty can be bought there are a lot of fake people in this life many with hidden agendas life is not about the journey it's about the destination to be at peace with the world you must be at peace with yourself never judge a book by it's cover Beauty never lasts forever you reap what you sow you are in control of your life to some point your destiny but not your faith always love those who love you always put your problems aside to help others when you are feeling down always remember there are many more people out there who are in a lot worse situation then you help others so you can help yourself never leave somebody who touches your soul more than your body love doesn't hurt you a person that doesn't know how to love hurt you some people will never change and sometimes you just need to accept that sometimes it's better to be alone than around those who pretend to care about you there will be many times in life that we need to start over always learn from the lessons so that the next episode is a better chapter sometimes something's are never meant to be sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful Stroke of Luck just because someone Smiles does not mean they are happy there is always a happy ever after being an adult or can be fun when you behave like a child


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