The Time When I Found My Self In Life Read Count : 9

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
Once I was lock down in a cell by my self with no opposing views I began to focus on negative thoughts and perceived injustices my thoughts became my reality at times we get alone and our brain gets stuck on rewind and replay we become convinced that our thoughts are our reality those thoughts when allowed to run wild can become our puppet master what we think often comes out of our mouth and into someone else's ears our words impact how we feel about ourselves and that can inpack how others. Think and feel words are symbols that communicate what's going on inside our head to us and others we share our fears our sorrow our joy our love and our dreams with our words our words create action out words can create intimacy or separation with our words we can. motivate ourselves to do things we never thought we could do and our words can also move others to step forward into their community words can calm us or excite us words can actually change the direction of a nation so watch what you think and be aware of the words that come from your thoughts and the actions that follow your words in other words in how to control your mind and thoughts thoughts can be our best friends and our worst enemies being incarcerated takes a toll on the human body without the previous daily physical activity of working and weekend recreation so a lot of inmates work out like crazy the brain like the body needs to be worked out by putting into practice the following if you're one of those people who quickly excuses yourself as having tried meditation and discovering it did not work for you that's the first thought you need to change why because it isn't so what does it mean to meditate according to the dictionary it means nothing more than to engage it thought we all need to meditate we just need to decide what we reflect meditate on or what we value sitting in my bunk fantasizing as I read the pages of the latest urban book or dreaming about cartels is probably not profitable for a successful future instead it builds thinking that is wrong and deceitful it strengthens already destructive thinking the most deceived person is one and the same with the deceiver you can learn to meditate and you must if you wish to learn to control your thoughts and your thinking


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