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as children we were all familiar with superman and the power kryptonite has over him. when he came in contact with it.would take away his powers to resist evil, and he could barely move.inside the fence,in our world, fear is"krytonite" it takes away our true identity.our power to stand up for forces us to adapt,or to be put down."so we pretend "fear" doesn't exist, it's for women, sissies, or the weak.we make ourselves appear "hard" absent of any appearance of fear.probably 92nd of the greatest stumbling stones to getting back on your feet out on the streets is the stone of fear hanging around your neck dragging you down.I have fears, and my fears are of the " dope world cause of the reality of the " dope world" and how she robbed me of 17 year's of my life.and that leaves me with the " fear of purpose" and I question my self what the he'll am I even getting out for? " without purpose it's almost impossible to determine direction.if I don't know where I'm going, it's so easy to not do anything.I become motionless. I end up back in the beginning trying to figure out my purpose, and it's in these moment's that I begin to question my value.that's where the quote from reality comes in, if you don't know where you are going. any road will get you do something take any road just move! reach out ask for help up and help out.this is especially important if you're a parent.your children are watching you and learning how to respond to whether you think you can or think you can't you will.this is probably one of the most after being incarcerated for a period of time I realize the abandonment by my family is partially my fault. I have to acknowledge that and take responsibility for it without conditions. when I return a few kind acts may not repair a lifetime of rejecting there advice. I must purpose to restore relationships with my's not the fear of being alone that terrifies me but the fear of the abandonment lasting forever.


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