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Everything is blooming outside. 
But inside me everything is dry. 
You are miles away,
Sticking around my soul.

You walked with my dreams until you were gone.
I heard traces of piano after each step.
  Even though I know
We'll be back in the same place, I'm afraid. 

It is sunny outside, but it is raining indoors.
I find your dreams made with someone else. 
I will not be a hindrance to you, will find me
One day through a piece of your skin.

Even though I know I will bloom indoors
As spring does with all flowers.
Even though I know that the good days
Will come quickly for us,
I am missing the most part of myself- You. 

Even though everyone around me
Tells me that you will find your way to us,
I have already lost hope until I will see you again. 

Even if we say we do not change,
We become different,
However we want to be in the same situation.

Everything blossoms outside.
Everything grows in me,
You were away but now you are here.
I've always been waiting for you.


  • Mar 19, 2020

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