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(The camera shows a woman who has long black hair in a ponytail in a car, she is looking at kids with hoverboards with a bored look and both hands on the steering wheel. Her name is Cat)

Cat (narrating): Dear Journal,

I'm Cat Walter, an agent of the FBI, the paranormal activity unit; a.k.a. The worst unit that the only people are a part of it is my girlfriend Dr. Lima, my best friends: Jennie, Nia, Ben, and Neddy.

It's August 10th, 2034, another boring day for me, since I'm a part of the worst unit.

I live in a high tech mansion called Greenstone Mansion, a place where FBI agents are trained to become the very best, but unfortunately i'm still on level one

You see not many people in my timeline believe in the supernatural, except the people I mentioned, which is why my boss: Xeros Mars only sets on lookout for any crime, kinda old fashioned, don't you think.

That's the reason I call it the worst unit, but unlike me Dr. Lima is a top scientist, Neddy, Nia, Ben, and Jennie are top agents.

I'm the only one that doesn't haven't any talent, and I also have a disability called Multiple Personality disorder.

The only reason I got this job is because my mother was best friends with the legendary Rose Amadell, how fortunate for me, but also unfortunate since I'm supposed to become a legend too.

There is good news, I got the latest Toyota 2000, it has teleportation powers

Yeah. Not going to happen, with the jobs I'm getting from the boss, right now I'm stuck in the car staring at kids on hoverboards.

Wait! On second thought.

(The camera shows Cat reaching into her purse, grabbing her phone that has a telescope feature that shows a shooting star a.k.a. a meteor)

Cat (shocked, looking through her phone): No way!

Cat (puts down her phone on a cup holder, puts her gear on drive): Cher, text Dr. Lima to tell her that I spotted a meteor that looks like it's heading for Walnut Park, got it.

Cher the phone: Yes, kitty kat.

Cat (while, driving faster) Great. Cher bear..

Cher the phone: It might be faster to use your teleporter.

Cat (turns the corner):Yeah. But, I'm not allowed, only if it's an emergency.

Cher the phone: The meteor could land on somebody isn't that an emergency.

Cat: Okay. That is true, alright I'll give it a go.

(Cat pushes the red button behind the mirror above her head, which makes the car and cat disappear and reappear near the park entrance)

(Cat notice the people around her looking through their phones and even taking pictures, the only ones that aren't are teenagers)

(The people around the teenagers runaway seeing the meteor)

(The camera shows Marvin has short black hair, wearing a purple shirt, black shorts, and purple flip flops, Annabelle has long smooth black hair, wearing a black dress carrying an umbrella, Kina has short hair dyed white on one side and pink on the other side, wearing white shirt, pink short, and white flip flops, The sketcher has short black hair, wearing a purple shirt, black shorts, and purple flip flops, the goth has long smooth black hair, wearing  a black dress carrying an umbrella, Jasmine has short hair dyed white on one side and pink on the other side, wearing white shirt, pink short, and white flip flops.

looking around on a hill in the park)

Cat: (runs to Marvin, Annabelle, Kina, and Jasmine)  Why are you just standing there looking lost

Kina: We're looking for our friend

Marvin (pointing to Kaima): Found her

(Kaima a girl who long curly black hair, wearing an orange headband with a butterfly barrette, blue shirt, orange skirt, and blue flip flops carrying soda)

Jasmine (sees the meteor heading for Kaima): Kaima! Look out!

(The camera shows Cat running to Kaima with Jasmine,Kina, Marvin, and Annabelle behind her, but the meteor hit Kaima)

(The camera shows the meteor split in half)

Jasmine: Are you okay, Kaima?

(Kaima grows fangs, her eyes turn yellow, and a snake tail as long as a rope)

(Marvin, Annabelle, Jasmine, Cat, and Kina gasp)

Jasmine (slowly walking up to Kaima): Kaima

Cat (moves Jasmine from Kaima): Stop. She's infected with radiation, one touch and you could end up like her or worse

Jasmine (worried): But

Cat: I called my friend and she's an excellent doctor.

(The camera shows a portal and a woman who has long ginger hair, wearing a white lab coat, red dress, white heels walking down the hill; this is Dr. Liama)

Dr. Liama (walking up to the teenagers): Pay no attention to her.

Cat (about to give Dr. Liama a hug): Dr. Liama!

Dr. Liama: Ms. Walter, you know we are only to show affection for each other at the mansion and at the mansion only

Cat (holding her lip out): Not even a little smooch.

Dr. Liama (holding her hand against Cat's face): You'll focus on work, right?

Cat (smiling): Yeah. I promise.

(Dr. Liama pulls Cat in, and kisses her on the lips)

Dr. Liama (showing little emotions): Now, keep your promise.

Cat (smiles): Understood.

Dr. Liama: (looks  at Cat)Good. Now, let's go

(Dr. Liama opens another portal and everybody goes through it)

(The camera shows a large house with green walls, many windows, a garden by it surrounded by flowers, there's a sign that says 'Greensdale Mansion' on the bottom it says 'All FBI agents welcome and new recruits')

(Inside the mansion, Dr.  looks at Kaima's veins, while Kaima)

Dr. Liama: Interesting, I've only seen stuff like this on TV.

Jasmine (showing some tears): Can you help her.

Dr. Liama (looking at Jasmine): Yes, can you hold her tail? ummmm...

Jasmine: my name is Jasmine Stewart

Marvin (with a smile): I'm Marvin Cowbell", said The sketcher, with a smile.

Annabelle (holding an umbrella): Annabelle Grassford.

(Dr. Liama and Kina give glares to each other)

Kina (with a dark aura behind her): Kina Wolfberry.

Dr. Liama (looking at Kina): Wolfberry, huh?

Kina: Heard of it?

Dr. Liama (examines Kaima's arm):I heard of your father.

(Kina gives a stronger glare, then turns away)

(Dr. Liama reaches into her purse, and gets a needle, which makes Kaima finally fall asleep)

(Jasmine still holding Kaima's tail, which stops moving after Kaima falls asleep)

 Annabelle (looks at Kaima's tail): I wonder if she has powers.

Dr. Liama (looking at a computer screen): The sign of radiation from her body proves that could be a possibility 

(The episode ends with the camera zooming on Kaima)


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