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   Across the United States, there is a shortage of useful necessities such as toilet paper, food, and other valuable items. Because of the shortage, was not the coronavirus itself but the fear-mongering of the media which caused it. In a small town out west in Texas, was a shortage do to a fearful outbreak. The local media picked this up, and then the state media picked it up, the West Coast media picked up the state's shortage, and the East Coast picked up the West Coast shortage. This is the cause of the outbreak, not the disease itself but the fear of people. People buying too many amounts of toilet paper, are now forced to wait in line for those who need it because of what a few blunderheads did. Do not be afraid, and do not act with unnecessary extreme measures. This does not mean you cannot go outside, this does not mean that you have to avoid all human contact, but just be careful about where you go and what you do. If you feel sick, are you know you're coughing wear a mask or cough into to your elbow. Do not stand too close to people, to make them uncomfortable. This is all that needs to be done, large groups certainly don't need to be together because the more people the harder it is to avoid contact. This doesn't mean you can't go about your normal lives, the virus isn't part of the air, it's part of an infection. Only direct contact will likely cause you to develop it.


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