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   Sometimes, life seems like it's stacked up against you in every way possible. People take you for granted and everything that you worked to build seems like it may be an impossible task. But even in the darkest times yo need to let your guard down and seek that light. It isn't simply a matter of luck but how determined you are to find it. Today, I stood in line waiting for toilet paper because of an outbreak of fear among people. Most people though in my area, have not forgotten simple kindnesses. If we are to accomplish our dreams, we must be willing to endure the long trip up that mountain. I have not given up on my dream, one I didn't even know I had and build an organization like none ever seen before.
   Every time I see a struggling child, or family suffering I think about my work and how far I must go to accomplish my dreams. You are not the only person with difficulty, but you don't need to be afraid to keep working at your dream. Be willing to try something different, maybe a different approach to what you're trying to build. I love writing, but what inspires me to write is more important to me. It is that very essence of joy, sorrow, fear, or anger, which gives me that strength to write. I don't intend to give up, and I hope that any of you that read this don't give up either. Our dreams are the building blocks of the reality that makes us who we are. It is not simply an idea to put together, but something which holds our spirit together.


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    Mar 18, 2020

  • Mar 19, 2020

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