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There was a cookie a bad cookie it lived in a jar,  a nice cookie jar to you it may be small butbhave you knew? Its like a whole city! It was a mean cookie it ate other cookies.

One normal morning all the cookies went to work. But the bad cookie did the most illigal thing in the whole cookie city! 

Dun dun dun!
After it left it went ti the potatos! Went to look for some but supprisingly,  a potato went up to her he was a delicious looking potato. He said,  "a cookie? What are you doing here ma'am?" The cookie said,  "I am looking for a nice meal!" The potato said,  "we foods never eat we work to look good for the humans, " then he said,  "I'm Paton,  you?" The cookie paused for a secondnkinda confused, then said,  "I am Kukkia, "

Please comment forpart two I'm working on making a part two fornothrrs but I promise this will get more intressting! <3


  • Wolfy Nioa

    Wolfy Nioa

    some spelling mistakes i was in a hurry

    Mar 18, 2020

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