The DOOR Read Count : 24

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Roselie and her family just moved into a new house. Their new house was  
very old and creepy. It had many secret doors which meant adventure for the 7 year old girl. Roselie chose her room , she chose the room which was quite big and had 2 doors , one for entering and she was not sure about the other door , the other door creeped her out as it was old , rusty and scary so she didn't want to try to open it but her curiosity forced her to open it. She went to the door after supper and tried to open it. Too bad it was jammed. She pulled and pushed but the door didn't move an inch. Finally she gave up. The day passed quickly as Roselie explored her new house. Before she knew it it was night already. She bounced onto her bed and tossed and turned on her bed to get comfy. she dreamed of the jammed door in the room. She dreamed that it was a door that was an entry to another galaxy. The next day she tried again to open the door but this time by greasing it. She went to the garage and got the bottle of oil. She greased the edges of the door with oil but it still didn't open. She gave up again. That night she dreamed about the door again. But this time she dreamed of it as a door which took her to the future. The next morning , the first thing she did was hot a crowbar and pushed and tugged the door until it finally opened. Without thinking she opened the door. She was surprised to see behind the door...................a wall of bricks. The door was nothing to be curious about an d Roselie now learned that sometimes not knowing something is better than knowing it. Well , a good lesson for a curious and adventurous 7 year old girl..


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    Apr 01, 2020

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