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Kids, don't rush to grow up.
  Play with each other as much as you can.
Only when you get old,
Will you really appreciate my words.

Where did you go? 
La, Na, La, Na, La. 
I miss all the games I played
With my old toys.

  If I hide,
I can't find myself.
If I run,
I will lose myself. 

We walk past the people
We shared our years with,
Now having other concerns
To overcross.

I don't want to lie to anyone,
I'd like to be like a kid again. 
Na, La, Na, La, Na.

We dressed as princesses,
Waiting for the princes to rescue us,
Building sand castles,
Collaps under cold water.

  La, Na, La, Na, La.
  Parents, educate your child. 
Life means more than
Poverty and wealth.

Play and give them what you didn't have
In your precious time.
  Na, La, Na, La, Na.
Play, play with your child!

Think about it,
There are many children
Who will not tell anyone "parents". 

Na, Na, La, La, La.
Where did you go? 
You left me behind.


  • Mar 18, 2020

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