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There lived a girl, free & wild.
Free as a bird, wild in her mind.
She was the queen of hearts, ruler of her kingdom,
She was a free spirited bird, who loved freedom.
Then came a day, she started losing her feathers,
slowly slowly her life started becoming dry as deserts.
Disappointed she figured out what exactly happened,
disheartened & confused she stood & her happiness lessened.
Her world was shattered, her heart was broken,
what wrong she had done, she thought frozen.
People who used to love her, departed from her sight,
Alone she cried & cried & cried.
No Angel came for her rescue, no God pulled her out from the sad queue.
At last she made peace with her sorrow,
in the hope for a better tomorrow.
She lives & lives & lives,
still in the search for her answers,
May one day she again can find her feathers,
may one day she again can fly,
& this time so high & high & high....


  • Mar 02, 2020

  • Mar 02, 2020

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