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With Joy in my heart, am writing this to you, your dad and I loves you. Thinking about your existence brings smile to our face, your dad kept this feelings to himself but trust me he had created a space for you guys in his heart where I can't fit into. Please bear with us for now, we wanted to give you a better life, that's why we still let you guys be with God in the heavenlies. Don't disturb God to much so that he will not fast forward your coming down to earth. My prince the World is so sweet, but the real joy is for you to be given birth to at the right time not out of unwanted session. My princess men are very cunning, that's why am doing my best to gathered every experiences so I can share with you. I will not want you to fall where I fell, I want you to a better and upgraded version of me. I'm striving to be a better mum, your best friend and confidant in the universe. 
I have something very interesting for you both,  who your dad will be I don't know. One thing is sure with the help of God I will get connected to him without internet. God do not need 4g for his connectivities. Trust me I knew that there was once a point in his life that he wished he his holding you in his arms, I got to know this cause I feel that way too. Let me share a secret with you, I do have someone in mind, hoping he will be your dad, his initial is "A" and ends with one of the vowels letter. It's a secret that's why am not giving out the full name.
Man propose but God dispose, I can only wish he is the one, and if he is not the one am not gonna feel bad, I know God is working on my behalf, to give me a supportive, caring, loving, respectful, humble and hilarious husband and give you guys too the best dad ever. I know I shouldn't expect him to do all things I have my role to play by being submissive, energetic, loving, caring, humble and respectful in return. I should also have the wisdom, knowledge combined with understanding of exercising my duties as his wife and your mother without one interfering another. The thought of you and my mother made me stay off troubles, don't want my reputation to be questioned and make you walk in my shadow. I have numerous things to share with you guys but am waiting on the Lord, until your arrival I will always be that being, someone you could be proud to show off and call your most respected mum. Always be under God's protections.  Love you guys. 

~Ade-Nafisat Presh 


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