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I’ve looked at my writings
Read others work
Searching my brain 
To give it a jerk 

I’ve hit that old wall
Like many times before
And once again 
Inspiration zero’s -the score

What’s different this time
It’s been just so long 
With no rhythm or rhyme 
Since I’ve wrote the good song 

Good poetry is music 
It flows with the words
Can’t find the right combo
I feel quite absurd

I know that the answer 
Is is keep searching and wait
It seems it’s the first time 
My mind locked the gate

I’ll continue to hunt 
What else can I do
My enormous frustration 
Is more like the flu

Got to remain positive 
And keep hope alive
I’ll be ecstatic 
To see my pen thrive


  • Mar 01, 2020

  • Mar 01, 2020

  • Mar 01, 2020

  • Don't think, just write. Don't force, just feel. There's no wrong or right. All there is, is your free will. 💜

    Mar 02, 2020

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