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Her eyes deepen the mystery,
And her lips condemn sinfully. 
Her hair hides the moon,
Her thoughts soothe the rain.

Her gaze drives the world crazy,
And her spell hides history. 
You can see it but you cannot touch,
Its touch does not reach anyone's hand. 

I have traveled miles to reach it,
For me, it is not a competition.
I did everything I could to save myself
From the bondage of temptation.

  Her steps run through the desert,
Following the rhythm of the sand,
The belly dance is her symphony.
Feeling free dancing alone.

It is a secret that I can no longer hide,
It is the burning desire that consumes me inside.
From the moment I met her, I was aware,
That nothing will make her disappear. 

Her smile slipped on everyone's lips. 
She is a fairy who easily conquers.
Too lonely to need someone. 
I still hope that one day can be mine.


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