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Anarcho-traditionalism is the embodiment of individualism, this isn't the abolishment of what the modern world achieved, rather its used to make sure the society never falls. All of society achievement would stay, unless it made the tribe dependent on another tribe. 

Tribal Independence 
Being dependent on another tribe is very dangerous, if someone in a powerful position in that tribe dies, then the tribe could die. Each tribe should make it's own food, and clean its own water, anything that people need to survive the tribe should be able to provide it by themselves. This means that unless we develop technology to clean water efficiently, and quickly, then we shouldn't inhibit places like Egypt, because if the tribe giving water, goes to war with the tribe who needs the water, then the tribe is doomed. However if a tribe can have the internet even if there internet access depends on another tribe, because it isn't crucial to survival, and improves there lives. 

People's independence 
It's not just the tribe that needs to be able to survive independently, but the people to. This doesn't mean everyone must know how to farm, it means 2 things. 1. People can do there jobs without a tribe leader, or government permission. This is important, because it's believe that Egypt fell because there people were so dependent on there leaders. 2. People can survive off of the land for a wait. You never know if your gonna be separated, so the schools show teach children how to do this, because there more like to completely learn it. People can choice to leave the tribe system, and live completely alone. If someone is disabled, and physically can't live independently, then the tribe should take care of him or her. 

Theocracy is were religious leaders rule on behalf of god, all tribe should have this, but they wouldn't rule, they would create punishment based on religious textbooks, instead of this being a type of government, it's a type of justice system.


  • Mar 01, 2020

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