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I try to deny everything I feel,
 But my heart forces me to remember.
 How strong my feelings become
 when I struggle.

   I have died many times,
  But it had brought me to life.
 And now that she left,
  I was left with a huge void.

  I tried to reach her later,
  But she rushed.
 No matter how hard I tried,
  It always kept me at distance.

  I wanted to feel you the need for me,
  As I needed you.
 But you'were stone,
 I couldn't move your feelings.

  I give drink to the devil
  To attract her to my side,
 Hoping it would help me
 To conquer her mind.

 Love has taken over my mind,
 I can no longer think straight.
  To deny that I still love you is,
  As if I would disown myself.

 I set fire to the pictures,
  I threw her jacket,
 But the memories of the soul cannot stopped.

   I still feel her last kiss on my lips,
 Even if it keeps me away,
 It stays in my heart, close to myself.
 I tried to stop you,
  But you didn't look back at all.
 I hope you are fine now.
  Because you were all I had.


  • very nice piece

    Mar 01, 2020

  • Ade_Nafisat  Presh

    Ade_Nafisat Presh

    Whao! 🔥🔥. I can relate with the poem

    Mar 01, 2020

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