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Oldest glue is 8000 years old came from dead sea. Ancient people use glues made from mixture of animals bone and plant material to make waterproof baskets or to construct utensils .

What give glue or tape its stickiness ? 
Addesives can be made up synthetic molecules or natural protien and carbohydrates like vegetables ( dextrine) , milk protein (casein) ,Terpenese in tree resin .
In order to work both glue and tape needs adhesives and cohesive bounds .
Adhesives bound occurs between adhesives molecules and whatever sticky material.

Cohesives bounds occurs between cohesive molecules holding its molecules together .

Most glue are consist of adhesive polymers which prevent them from sticking in bottle.
Strong smell of glue came from solvent which expressed in air when we apply.

Some use water as a solvent but other use chemical can be harmful to inhale.
Both the adhesive adhesive and cohesive bounds of glue are strong but make the substance irreversible that's why glue surface is broken can't be attached

By contrast if tape is applied to a surface it form weaker bounds and reversible. So you can peel the surface of tape and use it again.These Van Der Waals Force ( occurs between only two material only when extremely close together).

So , I think that glues are more stronger than tape . 
But you can also say that none of them are stronger both are of same value as person needs . 


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    Mar 02, 2020

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