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What is hidden behind the rain?
May be a lot of heavy tears.
What hides behind a request? 
Maybe burning desires.

What lies behind a "Goodbye"?
Maybe a "I wish you could stay more".
What can be hidden behind the sky?
  Maybe the people we already lost there.

What is hidden behind emotions? 
A heartbeat what fail in emptiness.
What lies beyond the body?
A soul that seeks its inner. 

What's behind this day? 
Only tomorrow we can find out.
Behind this life, death hangs over us.

What lies behind a memory?
I will miss the moment I lived.
  What lies behind a childhood? 
A child for whom time had other dimension.

  What was behind a call?
I missed your voice,
I wanted to see if you're okay.

  What lies behind an older person?
  Many battles, a lot of disasters.
We must learn to read
Beyond appearances.


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