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Do you believe in curses? 

The repeated torture That Never Ends 

Endings that never come come to the surface

Surface of reality the reality of why it started

The start of bad things happening never ending

You think it's my fault I did it not knowing what you did

Did to the curse did to the universe who punish you you that sleeps you that talk 

You try to smile hide the frown that crowns the curse that you stole a purse 

But the curse is not the purse

The purse that means life my life your life 

You cry alone thinking the worse worse than before before the curse the punishment of what you did in your life the life that's nice

You think of the bright side of things the same things that got you a curse the curse of the purse

The same curse that tortures you the you that hurts hurts to your soul the soul that weaps

Weaps in pain the pain of fear fear that kills kills the dream dream of life the life that's happy happy with reality

You feel unlucky the luck from the duck that was good luck fades fades in your heart the heart that aches

Aches with pain the pain of fear the fear of reality

The reality of the curse the curse that hurts

That's my curse



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