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Have u ever walked into a room of people

Yet the people never sees you

So u scream so they notice 

But their to normal to hear 

U fear judgement yet u judge

Feel alone yet ur not alone

Ur in a room of people that cant see

The Uniqueness that hides within a cage

That's the beginning of being me

U write a list of how to fit in yet u don't 

Then u stop.....just a moment to see

Beauty that comes from a tiny shell

Creativity from ur dreams 

And love from ur heart

Again u think realizing ur being judged

By the cruelty of no one else but urself

Remembering the pain pain that stays

To find out ur weird not normal

Again think whats normal

That's the middle of being me

U cry out of pain out of scars

Then smile, then laugh not 4 a joke

But of memory Happiness u cant live without

Songs touch ur heart u feel love

Stories makes u laugh like ur alive

Movies that opens ur eyes 

To the world of judgement of cruelty

Cruelty that makes u hate urself

Just to see ur perfect

Perfect in everyway threw ur eyes

That's wat matters yet u feel alone

Alone is walking in the woods or crying urself to sleep

U laugh realizing ur not alone 

Ur not in a room of people

There is no people its ur head

Ur imagination of worst situation

U look around all u see is the truth

Friends and family smiling at u

Vacations that last forever 

Siblings that warms ur heart

U forget the pain that never ends

The nagging of who to be

U say who cares I'm perfect

Perfect is not the best 

Perfect is unique, original not ordinary or normal

U feel happiness and love pour out like a waterfall 

You belong belonging is the most important

Belonging is home a house a place of love and comfort

That place is never gone never lost only locked

Locked from pain pain that surprisingly has an end

Judgement that stops from within

U feel whole whole like a family mom dad brother sister aunts uncles 

U look around that's all u see

The hearts that beat

The hands that clap

4 u have been awarded not of school not for class but of imagination

Imagination that ruins your life imagination that begins ur life in a instant

Now its awkward awkward like u cant speak awkward like no words 

Its silent silent like horror films 

U listen listen to the voices the voices no one knows because its ur head ur head that leads to imagination 

Imagination that drives u crazy but makes u feel worth something till it's gone

You think ur crazy u need a hospital but knowing it wont help

U finally understand ur different different as don't belong no home no safe zone 

The safe zone is love that's locked from the bitter pain inside 

The pain that comes back the pain that lives

Lives in your soul in your mind lives in your heart

Back to square one ur alone Alone as u run away away in your head ur imagination that never ends the tormenting of fear in ur heart from the pain in ur soul

U sleep sleep in the bed the bed u remember the good times times of jokes of family time 

U finally know ur not alone alone like the me time people say to getaway

Ur loved loved like the red roses in spring 

Ur happy happy with life happy with u 

The pain that stays goes away in a cage locked fear that was forced out by the happiness of being wanted 

U found ur safe zone the zone that unlocked the comfort that pours out the doors

Ur finally u the u that's perfect

That's being me



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