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In disco, a lot of smoke,
 A lot of hot people drinking. 
 I look at a girl who dances 
Without ever stopping.

  I do not know how I will approach, 
We are surrounded by many dancers.
 My inner voice tells me to remove my shyness
 And to make steps towards her. 

 Hi! Do you want to dance?
 But first, to introduce myself.
 I am just an ex-communist, 
In search of democracy.  

Raise your hands in the air,
 Tonight I want to explore the world.
  As you dance,
 I can no longer leave this dance floor.  

We are two crazy people looking for a road, 
No money, without job. 
 You invite me outside,
 To smoke a cigarette. 

 I have the opportunity now to look closer at you. 
 But you're telling me, you're in a hurry
 And if I want, to accompany you. 

 Once I got to her door, 
She kissed me on the forehead,
And disappeared. 

 The next day I passed by, 
She was holding someone else's hand.  
When she saw me,
Pretending she didn't even know me.  

But I no longer take
 Into account what happened, 
Last night I was the king of disco.
Music use the rhythm for my heart beating.


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