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Get up and fight for your dreams,
 No one will do it for you.
 Even if they think you won't succeed,
 Don't listen to what are saying.

 Listen to your inner voice, 
Stand up after each battle.  
You are stronger than you think,
 Let your values ​​come to your surface.  

Together we can be stronger, 
Let the hatred go away.
 Let's smile because life is more beautiful,
 When you're not living alone. 

 Applause I send to those who have succeeded,
 I am sure it was not easy.  
But they taught me 
That nothing can be impossible.

 Get up and be with one step ahead of yesterday.  
It is never too late to start your life again. 
 As long as they laugh about you, 
Go further with your beautiful dream. 

 You will fulfill your dreams,
 While they have long abandoned theirs.
  Be proud that you still dare to dream,
 When others are forbidden to do it for themselves.

  When you feel fulfilled, 
Do not forget about the efforts you have made, And help, please, others hands.


  • Feb 29, 2020

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Well thought out 🦋nicely written 🦋🦋🦋

    Feb 29, 2020

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