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I've called you so many times,
But you never attended my calls.
Maybe you deleted me from your address book,
Or maybe you've changed the prepay sim.

  Hello! Hello!  Can you taste the tears
That taste like vanilla?
How do they roll at your feet,
Begging forgiveness?

Hello! Hello! Can you feel the pain in my heart,
That is walking around my tired body?
  Hello! Hello! Tell me,
Can you hear me?

  I yell at you, forcing my lungs to scream. 
Hello! Hello! Alleviate my pain.
I am nothing without you,
Tell me something, I want to keep me save.

  I hope you do not like to see me falling.
I called you again, but as usual,
You did not attend.
For all the questions,
Please, can give the answers?

Hello! Hello! Tell me something. 
I missed the way to get to your heart. 
Hello! Hello! Tell me...
What can I do, to give me a chance?

I'm here waiting for your call,
It's been so long,
Bnd I still keep my hope
That it can be as it was.


  • Feb 29, 2020

  • Feb 29, 2020

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