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Warming: The information revealed in this post is highly disturbing and will shatter the world's of those hearing such things for the first time. The most disturbing part in my opinion is not so much the acts and rituals—though they are extremely horrific—but the fact that this occurs right before our eyes, yet even when aware of what is happening, or at least having a bad feeling about it, nobody chooses to do anything, not wanting to get involved. This needs to end. 

     Before the horrific rituals, a few things need to be understood. Remember, nothing is as it appears to be. First, there is no Democrat or Republican Parties. They are merely two sides of the same coin. It doesn't matter who wins. In actuality, no one wins. You are simply voting for the next pretty-faced puppet to play the elected scapegoat for whatever happens due to an agenda unknown to any citizen. I've voted red, blue, green, yellow, and have not seen any sort of return from any—with the exception of Trump. 

     Now, I'm not a supporter of Trump—nor of anybody else—but the views shared from nearly everyone around the nation is the same. And coincidentally, these views are the same shared by the mainstream media, which is one of the biggest tools used for the corruption and lies spread. The election and debates, as well as playing the role as Commander in Chief to an audience of ill-informed citizens, is simply a reality show game. And by not playing the usual role of a politician, Trump excels in this area. 

     Another thing is that he is not related to any of the previous presidents before him, who are 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cousins to each other. They share a common bloodline that dates back centuries, across the world to Europe with the Royal Family. The House of Windsor has kept power with this ancient bloodline that has been traced back to Queen Victoria, who believed in keeping the line "pure," this, marrying her first cousin, Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha—the name which of course was changed to Windsor after The Third Reich. The Royal Family of today is no exception to this tradition of incest with Queen Elizabeth being married to her third cousin, Prince Philip. This did come to and end thanks to Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 

     What many don't know is that they are descendants of ancient Egyptians who had traveled from Egypt up to what is now the United Kingdom. So, for the American presidents and their European bloodlines, we know that 34 have been genetic descendants of Charlemagne, King of Franks and 19 are directly descended from King Edward III of England. What many people don't know is exactly how rigged each presidential election actually is. With the exception of Trump, it was always the candidate with the most royal genes that won every single election. 

     So what is the significance of these ancient bloodlines?

     Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of humanity throughout history, powerful kings, such as those of Egypt,  discovered how they could control other men by torture, magical practices, wars, politics, religion and interest taking. These elite families designed strategies and tactics of warfare to influence and control the masses. 

     If humans are beings of love and compassion, what human would intentionally plan out wars causing the millions of deaths of people all for a hidden agenda?

     This is where things get weird, but it comes from the ancient texts that predate Christianity, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures. These were discovered in a jar, in which after opening it, a strange cloud was released. 

     It is not clear whether this cloud is what had entered this world—the Demiurge. The Demiurge is a consciousness made up of djinn, or the Archons, which are parasitic entities that have latched on to many, many humans and are responsible for influencing the darkness in our world today. They are invisible to the human eye but some have claimed to be able to see them with entheogens—ayahuasca, or DMT, a chemical substance in plants and animals that is released when in death. But there are a rare few who can reach these states of consciousness without any substance. 

     While under the influence of this psychedelic substance, one may see or tune in to perceive these Archonic entities that exist within a different frequency. They are said to be snake-like, or dinosaur-like, humanoids and are commonly referred to as Reptilians. In every known early civilization, there are stories of each of their histories that all claim to have been visited by these Reptilian beings. They are responsible for the mystery of the giant leap in our evolution. 

     However, not all these beings were benevolent. The Archons were responsible for genetically modifying our dna and trapping humanity within a mind prison, which scientists have called the mind matrix, simulation, or the field. 

     Don't get me wrong though, there are inherently evil people in the world, as well as megalomaniac psychopaths who have become addicted to "owning" control of the masses in secret. These are occult figures who perform ancient rituals to pagan deities. The main ritual being of a blood ritual involving human sacrifice—children being the desired sacrifice. 

     The next post will be the most controversial, in that it deals with a very sensitive issue that happens in every city, town, and community everywhere, everyday, in plain sight. For this reason, it will be ADULT CONTENT. 

     Although, I will be discussing more about inter dimensional beings, or "aliens", or "ETs," do not get the impression that they are all the same; however, these are what are considered to be angels and demons. There are many different races of them, some working with humanity, some not, and some using humans as puppets for a very sinister purpose. 


(To Be Continued…)


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