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Let the taste of my kiss awaken you,
 Instead of feeling the bitter taste of coffee. 
 Let me get to your thoughts
 Where you can find myself as I am. 

 Color my heart into bright red, 
Just as it was before to love. 
 Let me reach you through each cell,
 Let me be the air you need to inspire. 

 In your eyes the moon is mirrored, 
And the sun dances with the sky.  
Let me chase away the rain 
That may fall over your head.  

Let me sing you the most beautiful love song,
 Whispering your name. 
 Let me be for you 
All that you cannot be for yourself.  

Let me discover things you don't even know. 
 Let me be your voice
When you can no longer speak.
Let me be your steps
When you can no longer walk. 

 Let me be your heaven where you can shelter, 
A shadow where you can rest,
 When the sun burns the skin faster, 
You need my protection. 

 Let me be your support when you need power,
 Let me be a cure for your pain.
Elixir for the elderly,
Don't be afraid.

Grab me by the hand.  
I will stay here 
For the rest of our days.
Please, don't leave me.


  • Feb 28, 2020

  • Feb 28, 2020

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