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I'm falling down, down, down
I'm on the floor, on the floor
But nobody is helping me
I'm doing this alone like
I was when I was in the 9th grade
Like I was when I was 15,16,17, and
Now 18

 It hurts to see that you don't care
But maybe you do but you hide it 
so well
To think I feel safe in your arms
To think I could trust you
To think that you were never going to
leave me
To think that you would always protect me
But you chose her over us
And that's okay I guess
Because now it's so different
the way you call my name
The way you don't ask how 
I'm feeling
The way you just don't care
I feel like in your eyes I'm
a disappointment 
But slowly, really slowly 
I stopped caring what you
think of me
Because with you around
Because with you not by my side 
I still felt like I was a bird in a cage

 They give me food to survive
 They give me water
 They give me the essentials things
 But I just want to be free
 To fly away and never be 
 The bird in the cage

 You weren't there 
 so you don't know
 the way he used to talk
 to my mama
 You were never there 
 when I needed you the most
 When I stopped eating you weren't there
 When I stopped breathing you weren't there
 When I fainted you weren't there
 When my anxieties came and took over me 
 the first time you weren't there
 I did all of this alone, I suffered alone, 
 and no one was there holding my hand
 While my world crumble, the cage came
 and trapped me, but you never came to 
 open the door to let me out
 Thank you for letting me be 
 The bird in the cage


  • Feb 28, 2020

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