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you’re my true love 

always be inside of me 

you are in my head, 

couldn’t help myself to love you 

the day you walk into my heart 

change the way I am today.

Why I love you very much? 

my love for you become like Elsa’s 

magical ice power hard to control 

I love the way you are, 

there’s a lot of love spark inside 

of me couldn’t stop thinking about 

you I want to be a good girlfriend

to you. 

Couldn’t I know you love me dearly 

since the day we attend the singing event? 

first time my eyes lay on you 

your kindness of a gentleman 

you’re so attractive to me, 

it’s make my heart beat heavily

inside of me I’m falling in love 

with you the day we first met. 

I love the way you are 

your sweet kind personality 

amazing fantastic characteristic, 

it’s make me want to be more than 

a friend to you feel like to 

understand you who are underneath. 

I love the way you are 

care about you for you, 

I want to love you for you 

truly want to learn everything 

about you. 

Would Anybody Know We Love Each 


I’m trying my best as hard as I 

can you’re only the sunshine to my 


you are in my love life 

you’re so important to me 

you meant for me a lot more. 

Wouldn’t I Know Our Love Getting

stronger each day? 

I’m always here for you 

I always going to be your 

girlfriend adored you forever,

your sweet loving heart is so pure 

it’s make me want to love you more 

when I’m feeling down you cheer me 


I love the way you are 

if I’m in your head inside of your 

heart it’s all that matter,

it’s so handsome you are 

your appearance so gorgeous 

hard for me not to look at you. 

I love to way you are 

when you smile bright you so   

adorable by doing that, 

I accept to way you are 

I’ll do the right thing 

is to not add pressure on you. 

I love the way you are 

if you’re feeling down 

heavy stone pushing you down 

I’ll be the person to help you, 

I feel like put my arms around you 

give you my shoulder if you really

need it

I love the way you are.



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    Feb 27, 2020

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    Maurice Beres

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    Feb 28, 2020

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