Spotty Dotty Looks For A Friend Read Count : 15

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Spotty dotty is all alone. He said he had a friend who is unknown. Spotty dotty went to his house, he found a mouse called Straus, but Straus had a friend named Crouse. Spotty dotty looked at the calendar it was his birthday but he called it lavender. Spotty dotty was sad he did not have a friend to invite except his imaginary friend Chad. Spotty dotty went to school,he found a cat named Abdul but he has a friend named Kool. Spotty dotty spotted a rat that was a bully and he was called Matt Willey. Spotty dotty ran away to a park called woody. Spotty dotty went into the park and he found a dog who's name was Kong long and Kong long was all alone too. Spotty dotty and Kong long were really happy, and they became friends and they to Spotty dotty house and celebrated his Birthday with Lavenders. 

The end


  • thx

    Feb 27, 2020

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