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My story about my life I was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland I used to live and flag projects in my parents name is  Rita Davis  I was born and    She was born a raise and   Chester Pennsylvania a mother and father names was rose  Aruther M have mother was born in Virginia  And   Father was born in Jamaica his  Mother believe in black magic   Later on they move to Baltimore   Her mother move to Baltimore Maryland and early seventies on Remington Avenue with her sisters rose   And her other  Sister So they lead therefore while I sister went to Harbor city on the West side later on my father met my mother when she came out the house naked but they got the gala later on and talk to each other and hang out and got to know each other but over some years they got the know each other and became friends overseas for a long time and  I remember one time Betty took her over it to see my father and they were talking to each other and you know for good old  Times She was  She  She lost one of her legs all while  Call me back    As she end up in the hospital she also had the  She have to be on the    Then she was  Cry because she lost   her leg Over some use I was staying with my sister but my sister treated alike ship talk back to or and say me  mean things to her   Then later on she move and how apartment  On  Garrison boulevard we say therefore while is nice place I came over looking for her her my little sister so lastly with  Well I moved there  With them and 2002 Later on down the road I  Kids I have 3 boys and a girl Britney Bernard and Jimmy that Nicholas T was born in June 2 with  2 july I got my kids took in set timer are 01 the people round there was so nam Bang when we live in on Preston street they will so bad  People always run off at the mouth getting drunk and kill you mainly as a dam saying and now on its route Same or routing every science and around some I can shot O kill in the shriek or shop 5:00 a.m. in the morning that's crazy well   A bar on the corner president in gay any what's one on elsewhere shriek and was called the hide away it is a popular spot to a by any mom would come up in their drink smoke cigarets unite when  Have relations and do not I Dang's some people with diking you name it some people don't drugs some P with the selling drugs some people's getting killed over drugs  Unfortunately we move up and they were her later on I was so glad we move out the neighborhood  So bad  Unfortunately I didn't like their place anyway but this  That was a good spot for that restaurant call  sunnys Say so that was a populace why everybody will go to and get they eat or and   Breakfast  Spot Now it's changed a whole lot is different  now  I met this man named Alfred Jones he was out no good man anyway he took  Some of master any Peter and good will and there he lie and say that I'm and AM got hole to his information which is not true  Um he put me out and 06 and he thought you so slick that he want to see me  We went to a hotel  Me and him  In a lady She love eating pussy  I kept right on seeing of me after the fact Would come get me and let  Me spend the night with him I was living a   lucy Avenue with a lady  2 daughters she was nice and her daughters was nice but a h*** lot of company in-and-out their house to mother company for me some I stole my tennis shoes I have a pair nikes but I got out of there to I was hanging out with this guy main Pete he was pretty God cool guy but how I met Alfred Jones AM at him  Garrison boulevard so later on down the row I met my boyfriend that I really like and that love and that  So what he did drugs but he had a job I well good paint job so I met him and 03 and I talked to him for a while he came back looking for me I had walk my dog name diamond and I had a cat named petey so he got the gather we talk we went on dates  We went to church together as AA wonderful time to God shows together because my mother are we went to the church  When I got to know him and I got the know the neighbor across the street name Billy gar so he was a good guy he drank all its eyes woke cigaret starts it the people you know To to get person also then I went to live with my father I get home went money every month so I didn't mind live in a my father making sure he was OK he went in the hospital I went with him every time he had to go to the house but half the time you know so I want  A was sick so many times he went in-and-out of the hospital come and find out down the row he was get real sick here a  Blood clot in his leg then he had take medicines and take a lot of medicines then he also find out that he had cancer stomach cancer he was bleeding so much we go to the bathroom a was crying on his last days then a move  Him to  Another hospital did I saw him at  The mortuary laying on that table so peaceful with quiet I  I miss  father and mother  I got the know my husband for the 2nd time around we got back   in  2010 and he met my father my father did like a  At 1st because the things we get the drunken he don't know what to say all his mouth And remember we celebrate these Eve with my father and 2011 we rang it and together with champagne take other  Food  And beer Amy got to see the fireworks together and we live together we listen to music together he enjoy life  Down the road he found out that he had stomach cancer he was so  sad   I am so glad everybody was day for him and I had our own opinion about stuff but and act like fools which I did like that how to act around him algarin all the time this auguring too much even the grand kiss was there for him the oldest one most all the oldest grandchild was the if I had actually say he did a lot for his grandfather Till late on 2018 he   pass way  December 4  Then  My husband mother passed away  Jan 5 2019 I know my husband  miss everyday of life


  • Base on true life

    Feb 27, 2020

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