The Girl Of My Best Friend Read Count : 18

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I fall in love with every step she takes,
I am passionate about
The way she uses her hands.

  I am fascinated by her way of being,
By the way she moves her fragile body.
I love every word she speaks tenderly,
Every little thing she does, my heart goes crazy.

  Her silky hair carefully covering her soft lips.
I feel captivated by her tenderness,
The way she moves her eyelashe.
The way she talks to people
Brewing their coffee. 

Her gesture to put her foot
On top of the another at the table,
And the safety behind the smile,
Makes me really want her.

Her firm body makes me ask to be together.
Her blond loving hair, her big brown eyes,
Makes me want to invite her to dance.

I wish I could sing a serenade to her,
Feeling her fingers playing with my hair. 
But she is my friend's lover,
And he would never forgive me if I will steal.
But she is like a magnet,
You remain fascinated when she comes around.


  • Feb 27, 2020

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